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Seamless Services to the Clients

Flow of Training Program Planning and Operation

JICE offers seamless services to the clients ranging from pre-departure preparation, training operation in Japan and follow-up services after returning to home countries as below:

Training Program Planning
We hold meetings and hearings to confirm the issues to be solved by the training, expected results, number of participants, training period, cost budget, etc. Based on this information, we plan the training program. The training program will include interactive discussions, debates, case studies, site visits, and workshops. We collaborate with a variety of related organizations, including government agencies, universities, research institutes, local governments, think tanks, and private companies, to propose training programs that meet the needs of our clients.
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Training Document Development
Training documents are designed duly in accordance with the training contents.
Training Document Translation
Training documents are translated based on the language to be used in the training.
Training Material Preparation
Training material (including equipment) is prepared duly in accordance with the training environment.
Arrangement of Accommodation and Transportation
Proper accommodation and transportation are arranged according to the program schedule.
Travel Insurance Arrangement
Overseas travel insurance and liability insurance are arranged based on the program schedule.
VISA Application Support
The necessary documents are prepared to apply for the entry visa.
Airport Pick up Service
JICE arranges the pick-up service and supports the hotel check-in.
Program Orientation
The orientation is taken place on the first day of the program.
Progress Management
The program is monitored periodically and action is taken when necessary.
Coordination(Facilitation and Interpretation)
JICE assigns expert training coordinators with specialized knowledge of 31 languages who serves as interpreters and/or facilitator during lectures, observations, and courtesy visits.
Daily Life Support
The coordinators will also support daily life requirements of the trainees including giving advice and suggestions on how to spend time effectively during the program in Japan.
Emergency Actions
JICE is prepared for emergencies and accidents 24 hours a day.
A certification of completion will be prepared for the trainees at the closing ceremony.
Completion Report
JICE presents a completion report which convers training progress, analysis, and a proposal for further training according to the partners and clients' request.
Settlement of Account
The account for expenditures will be settled based on the contract type.
Customer Satisfaction Measurement
Customer satisfaction surveys of the training course are conducted through questionnaires.
Proposal for the Next Stage Program
JICE will propose the next-stage program based on the result of the customer survey.

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