What we do

International Student Service

We provide a full range of services for international students studying in Japan built on our 20 years' experience of managing various scholarship programs of the Japanese and other governments.

Services for International Students provided by JICE

  • Pre-Departure
    • Designing frameworks of the international student programs
    • Recruitment of students
    • Application to universities
    • Paper test and interview
    • Support for enrollment to the host university
    • Japanese language training, General orientation
  • While in Japan
    • Post-arrival orientation
    • Japanese language course
    • Support for initial settlement and adjustment
    • Regular monitoring and emergency support
    • Organizing joint training programs
    • Arrangement of company visits and internship programs
    • Networking events
  • After Return
    • Follow-up activities
    • Alumni events
    • Study in Japan fair
    • Survey

Full range of support for universities and institutions to accept international students /to promote globalization

Preparation of Basic Frameworks for Acceptance of International Students
Supporting consultation and coordination with foreign governments and related organizations on the creation of a basic framework for the acceptance of international students.
Recruitment at Local Offices
Organizing outreach and recruitment events.
Application Procedures
Supporting candidates in applying to universities.
Arrange Academic Aptitude Tests and Interviews
Recruitment and selection of students including basic examinations, document screening and interviews.
University Admission Procedures
Providing support for university enrollment.
General Orientation
Pre-departure orientation to provide international students with useful information about travel, Japanese society, and the culture of Japan.
While in Japan
Post-arrival Orientation
Organizing orientation programs on Japanese society, culture, and manners before and after arrival to help students make a smooth transition into life in Japan.
Japanese Language Course
Providing Japanese Language Course to meet the needs of students from the minimum level required to the level for expanding relationships.
Support for Initial Settlement and Adjustment
Assisting students' initial settlement such as accommodations and opening bank accounts.
Regular Monitoring and Emergency Support
Conducting periodical monitoring meetings with students to ensure their academic progress and good physical/mental health, and give advice on their daily lives. There is a 24/7 support system in place for emergencies such as accidents, diseases and disasters.
Organizing Joint Training Programs
Conducting joint training programs such as workshops and educational programs on peace building and gender empowerment by utilizing academic holiday seasons.
Internship Matching
Introducing companies and institutions to students for internships according to their interests and needs.
Networking Events
Hosting various kinds of networking events such as Potluck Parties to build networks among international students.
After Return
Follow-up Activities including Alumni Events, Seminars, and Monitoring
Organizing alumni events and seminars to strengthen the network between alumni and Japanese relevant parties, as well as among alumni.
Conducting monitoring meetings even after international students return so that they can play active roles by using their knowledge and experience acquired in Japan.
Study in Japan Fair
Organizing Study in Japan Fairs outside Japan and provide information to potential candidates who are interested in studying in Japan.
Conducting surveys on international students inside and outside of Japan and making reports.

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