What we do

Our basic mission is to support human resource development of developing nations. In other words, our main objective is to make an international contribution through "Human Resource Development Cooperation."
One of the elements of international cooperation is the relationship among people.
JICE has been accumulating knowledge and expertise in human resource development for over 30 years.
At present, besides 400 regular and contract staff members, JICE has expert staff such as training coordinators with special knowledge of 31 different languages and Japanese language instructors, who are active in Technical Training Programs, International Exchange Programs and Japanese Language Teaching Programs.
Our expert staff, professionals in their specialized fields as well as in international cooperation, will communicate with people around the world through their hearts and words.

JICE is committed to thinking together, learning together, and living together.
JICE's activities, centering on facilitating human development in developing countries, are underpinned by the unshaken conviction that “thinking together, acting together and finding most suitable supporting means to each country." JICE takes a field-oriented approach. And we have faith in it. JICE is committed to international cooperation maximizing our three decades of experience.

JICE has knowledge and expertise to respond to meet any client request related to international cooperation.
JICE gives its clients a distinct advantage-professional staff and a wide-ranging network both at home and abroad. As the international community changes and progresses, needs in international cooperation grow more diverse every year. JICE is committed to improving its expertise and providing higher quality and context-sensitive services. JICE strives to be a professional organization insuring the highest satisfaction to the customers in the field of international cooperation.