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JICE provides Japanese language education, employment support, training for Japanese language teachers, and courses specifically for Japanese people throughout Japan, with the aim of realizing a society in which all of us living in Japan, regardless of our nationality or origin, can live together in harmony, learning and deepening our understanding of one another.

What Makes Learning Japanese with JICE Unique

  1. This service focuses on Japanese language education in the field of employment.
  2. When designing the different programs, more than focusing on the learning process itself, we focus on what the students will do with the Japanese they learn.
    We believe that language is a tool for building relationships, and we foster students' abilities to use what they learn to effectively communicate in real-life situations.
  3. Through Japanese language study, we help students become familiar with Japan including how people think, and what are considered proper manners and common sense by people in Japan.
    We also consider it necessary to focus on non-verbal aspects such as aizuchi (casual responses), facial expressions and gestures in order to build rapport.
  4. Knowing that the training will one day end, we develop students' ability to learn new vocabulary and expressions and solve questions on their own.
    Focusing on teaching Japanese that can be used outside the classroom such as by encouraging native speakers to step in when necessary, we incorporate pointers into our lessons to guide students to continue learning on their own even after the training is over.

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Introducing Japanese language textbooks developed by JICE and other multicultural projects.

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