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Focusing on employment, JICE provides Japanese language education, teacher training, and curriculum and textbook development, conducting multicultural projects throughout Japan, including employment support for foreign nationals and support for companies to provide stable employment opportunities for foreign employees.

For Japanese Language Teachers

Register as a Japanese Language Teacher

Japanese language teachers can register with JICE and become a partner in our projects. Applicants who pass a screening examination will sign a basic contract, after which JICE will directly contact you on a case-by-case basis to ask you to work with us on a project.
If you are interested, we encourage you to take this opportunity to consider registering with JICE.

Induction Training for Beginning Japanese Language Teachers for Workers

This program has been implemented since FY2019 with the aim of launching educational practices better suited to the needs of workers and workplaces, building better cooperation among related parties and fostering human resources who can contribute to the development of workers through Japanese-language education.
A total of 200 students have completed the program, and follow-up training is conducted every year.

Training for In-service Japanese Language Teachers in the Field of Employment Utilizing the Framework of Reference for Japanese Language Education

In FY2022, JICE created a model curriculum utilizing the "Framework of Reference for Japanese Language Education" in the field of employment, and as part of this project in FY2023, JICE conducted a training program to promote the use and dissemination of the curriculum creation process in the field of employment for in-service Japanese language teachers.

JICE編著 課題達成型のテキスト はたらくための日本語 好評発売中!

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