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Intercultural Integration Services /
Japanese Language Education

Focusing on employment, JICE provides Japanese language education, teacher training, and curriculum and textbook development, conducting multicultural projects throughout Japan, including employment support for foreign nationals and support for companies to provide stable employment opportunities for foreign employees.

Other Multicultural Projects

Other Multiculturalism Promotion Services

Support towards the Gaikokujin Shuju Toshi Kaigi

Based on an agreement signed in August 2008 between JICE and the Gaikokujin Shuju Toshi Kaigi (Convention for Cities and Towns with Concentrations of Foreign Residents), JICE provides subsidies for projects that its member cities and towns undertake that contribute to multiculturalism.

Creating Training Curricula for New Foreign Workers to Quickly Adapt to Life in Japan

Commissioned by the Multicultural Society Section of the Aichi Prefectural Government, JICE held information sessions and prepared training curricula, teaching materials, and manuals for companies accepting foreign nationals who newly came to Japan to work in Aichi, in order to make it easier for the companies to support them both in the workplace and at home.

Survey on Acceptance of Foreign Residents and Multiculturalism in the Five Chugoku Region Prefectures

Commissioned by JICA Chugoku, JICE conducted a survey in the five prefectures of the Chugoku Region (Tottori, Shimane, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Yamaguchi) to assess and analyze related parties' perspectives and existing issues regarding "acceptance of foreign human resources" and "multiculturalism," and to consider and propose specific measures that can contribute to the maintenance and development of regional society and economy in the future.

Interpretation and Translation Services Tailored to Local Needs

JICE provides interpretation and translation support tailored to local needs in 31 languages.
Utilizing its experienced and capable human resources, JICE also provides disaster interpretation/translation services to local governments and disaster response headquarters that provide multilingual information to support foreign residents who have been affected by disaster.

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Dispatching Lecturers

JICE dispatches lecturers to elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, etc. under the themes of multicultural understanding and international understanding education.

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