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We provide a full range of services for international students studying in Japan built on our 20 years' experience of managing various scholarship programs of the Japanese and other governments.

Introduction to Careers for International Students

The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) (since 1999)

Target countries: Countries in Asia, Africa, etc.

JDS is a grant aid program established in 1999 under the Japanese government's "100,000 Foreign Students Plan".
The purpose of this program is to "accept outstanding young administrative officials who are expected to become future leaders in the target countries as international students at Japanese graduate schools, and after returning to their home countries, they will be active in planning and implementing social and economic development programs as human resources with specialized knowledge gained during their study in Japan, and eventually contribute to expanding and strengthening the foundation of friendly relations between the two countries as people with good understanding of Japan.

Send off Reception in Viet Nam

Most of the JDS fellows that have returned are promoted and play active roles in their organizations. Some are assigned to positions related to Japan and perform well by making use of their experiences in Japan.

* The project for China has been shifted to the Japan Human Resource Development Scholarship for Chinese Young Leaders (JDS China) since 2013.
Click here for further information on JICA’s website on JDS.

Number of JDS fellows (persons) *Number of master's and doctoral students accepted by JICE every year (planned number)

Number of JDS students accepted (unit: persons)
*Number of master's and doctoral students accepted by JICE each year (expected number)

Country Planned Number of
Country Planned Number of
Uzbekistan 19 Tajikistan 16
Laos 22 Sri Lanka 17
Cambodia 26 Pakistan 18
Viet Nam 50 Timor-Leste 7
Bangladesh 33 Bhutan 10
Mongolia 16 Maldives 6
Philippines 20 Republic of Kenya 13
Kyrgyz Republic 20 Republic of Senegal 10
Ukraine 5

Voice of Students

Name: Nguyen Nu Ngoc Tran
Country: Viet Nam
Graduated University / Graduate school: International University of Japan / Inernational Relations
Period of Study in Japan: 2021-2023

As a JDS fellow, I am grateful for the efforts made by JICE and its staff to assist me during my stay in Japan. JICE's orientation programs, field trips, seminars, and workshops have helped me in developing my professional knowledge as well as soft skills. Furthermore, they were great opportunities for me to expand my network with other JDS fellows as well as Japanese government officials. With the knowledge and soft skills I obtained in Japan, I believe I can advance my career and contribute to the development of Viet Nam.

Name: Oscar Tsimbalaka Mwanzi
Country: Kenya
Graduated University / Graduate school: Hiroshima University / Humanities and Social Sciences
Period of Study in Japan: 2021-2023

JICE was always supportive through my studies in Japan. The quarterly monitoring meeting with JICE was a constant reminder to JDS fellows of their required academic accomplishments during our stay in Japan, and it enabled us to be on schedule with our studies. The Japanese language course was one of the useful programs in my daily interactions with Japanese people. JICE also offered a great opportunity to interact with Japanese companies and foster win-win relationships. I intend to apply the skills acquired in Japan in policy formulation for my organization.

Japan Human Resource Development Scholarship for Chinese Young Leaders (JDS China) (since 2013)

Target country: China

The objective of JDS China is to support human resource development and cultivate supporters and experts of Japan in the People’s Republic of China, with a view to strengthening its bilateral relationship with Japan at the government level. JICE is the implementing agency of the project under the agreement with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. JICE support the acceptance of international students to Japan, networking events with Japanese government officials, programs to promote understanding of Japan (lectures, field trips, etc.), and follow-up on alumni activities (supporting the implementation of alumni events in Beijing).

Number of Participants in JDS China(in recent years)

Year '19 '20 '21 '22 '23 Total*
Sub total 26 28 24 22 20 289
English Course 22 24 24 21 20 241
Japanese Course 4 4 0 1 0 48

* Total number of participants accepted since the start year of the project (2013)

* From FY2002 to FY2012, a total of 430 participants were accepted from China as a target country of the Human Resources Development Scholarship Program (JDS) through JICA grant aid. Current JDS China has been implemented under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since accepting students in 2013.

Voice of Students

Name: Ma Huijun
Country: China
Graduated University / Graduate school: Nagoya University / Law
Period of Study in Japan: 2020-2022

JICE has helped me a lot in assisting with university enrollment, renting apartment, communicating with other people involved, and Japanese language learning even during the pandemic of Covid-19.
JICE provided an online exchange with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials in Japan, giving us a chance to communicate directly with them on interested issues, which was very enlightening.
To provide solutions to the challenges faced by my organization, I have utilized my experience in Japan by compiling and publishing my research results into policy suggestions. They are used as reference materials for policy formulation.

Name: Jiang Rui
Country: China
Graduated University / Graduate school: Sophia University / Global Environmental Studies
Period of Study in Japan: 2021-2023

The tradition that China and Japan have been historically learning from each other inspired me to pursue study in the neighboring country. As I got an injury in my leg before the scheduled departure for Tokyo, I experienced JICE’s warm-hearted arrangement and assistance from its headquarters and its liaison office in Beijing, which secured my research through online lectures and campus learning.
Besides, some field study trips in Japan’s national parks with JDS sponsorship facilitated my research. I am sure that the knowledge I learned will be a help for China’s environmental governance through my work in the future.

Providing networking opportunities

Providing networking opportunities with Japanese companies and organizations (Additional education and networking opportunities for JICA scholars)

JICA scholars are those who come to Japan from developing countries as part of JICA’s human resource program. They study at Japanese universities and are provided with opportunities to form networks with Japanese companies and organizations. We have high hopes for JICA scholars to become leaders who will support the development of their home country in the future. In addition to conducting research in specialized fields at Japanese graduate schools, JICA scholars are expected to deepen their understanding of Japan and play an active role, as well as act as a bridge between Japan and their home country through building networks with public institutions and private companies.

At JICE, we are commissioned by JICA to provide JICA scholars with opportunities for corporate exchange meetings and internships. We also support the formation of networks between JICA scholars and Japanese companies and organizations.

(Reference) Main JICA Scholarship programs 

Other study abroad programs for JICA scholars from Africa

Implementation of Internships

Internships are held as one of the opportunities for JICA scholars to network with Japanese companies and organizations. JICA scholars are able to deepen their understanding of culture, customs, and business policies of Japanese companies and organizations. Studying abroad is a major incentive for JICA scholars to build personal networking. In addition, JICA scholars and Japanese companies and organizations work together to solve social issues which leads to future business collaborations and employment. Mainly during summer vacation, more than 200 JICA scholars participate in this program yearly.

Holding Networking Fairs

Networking events are held four times a year either online or on-site. These events are an opportunity for JICA scholars and Japanese companies and organizations to get to know one another and deepen mutual understanding. The aim is to provide opportunities for JICA scholars to exchange opinions and share experience of internship and other activities according to various interests and themes by region and theme. The program also promotes the formation of networks and collaborations between JICA scholars and Japanese companies and organizations.

Africa business program

(Operational support for the implementation of business programs for JICA participants from African countries)

We have implemented business programs such as the visiting Japan program and entrepreneurship training for JICA African scholars including ABE Initiative scholars. In addition, for graduates, we have follow-up events such as debriefing sessions when returning home, regional networking events, and employment consulting events as well as relation support services for international scholars and alumni.
JICE supports the planning and implementation of projects based on the contract with JICA.
Through these efforts, we have developed industrial talents in Africa and are currently playing an active role in African countries as “navigators” for African businesses of Japanese companies.

Africa business program Achievements

Program Actual results for FY2022
Visiting Japan Program December 2022
Approx. 150 students from Africa (hybrid)
Business Skills Training February - April 2023
About 40 students from Africa (online)
Debriefing Session 3 countries: approx. 100 participants (face-to-face)
4 countries: approx. 460 participants (hybrid)
2 countries: approx. 60 participants (online)

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