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JICE Chubu Office had a booth at "World Collaboration Festa 2023”

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 On October 14 (Sat.) and 15 (Sun.), 2023, "World Collaboration Festa 2023" was held at the complex called "Oasis 21" in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. This year marked the 20th year of the festival, which was held mainly to introduce the Chubu region's initiatives and activities for international exchange, international cooperation, multicultural conviviality, and the SDGs to the public.

JICE exhibited the booth on Saturday, October 14, and although it was the first time in four years, the exhibition was a great success with 276 visitors. At the booth, panels were displayed to introduce JICE's multicultural activities and Japanese language programs especially in the Chubu region, and cards were available for visitors to learn "Plain Japanese" in a game style, allowing them to experience the difficulty of communicating with foreigners in Japanese.


In addition, international students currently studying abroad in Aichi Prefecture joined the booth and introduced their country's food culture and specialties to the booth visitors in Japanese. The visitors seemed to be very interested in different cultures and asked questions to the foreign students using "Plain Japanese" making the event a lively international exchange opportunity.

JICE Chubu Office

Shunpei Takeuchi

Mr. Hakimov, second from left, a JDS Uzbekistan student, and JICE Chubu Office staff members at the booth.
The international student introduced his country's culture. The booth was a great success with many visitors. Thank you everyone for visiting us.