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Visit of Former Principal of Shine Mongol School

Asia International Student Service

Mr. Naranbayar Purevsuren, Former Principal of Shine Mongol School, visited JICE on October 1st, 2019 and exchanged views with Ms. YAMANO Sachiko, JICE President. Mr. Naranbayar mentioned the importance of human resource development in Mongolia and expressed his gratitude to JICE for contribution to improve Mongolian young human resources through JDS project.

Mr. Badrakh Naidalaa, 1st batch of JDS fellow and chairman of JDS alumni, also attended the meeting. He is currently a leader of new political party ‘National Labor Party (HUN)’. Mr. Naranbayar, also a chairperson, policy research council of HUN, explained that they are aiming to build better country for Mongolian citizens with the principle of humanity first.

International Student Programs Division
International Student Programs Department I

From left: Ms. HITOTSUBASHI Reiko, Deputy Director (International Student Programs Department I), Ms. NAGASAWA Aya, Mr. SHIONOYA Tsuyoshi, Managing Director (International Student Programs Department I), Ms. YAMANO Sachiko, President, Mr. Naidalaa Badrakh, HUN Leader, Mr.Togmid Dorjkhand, HUN Board Chairman, Mr. Gantulga Donorov, HUN General Secretary, Mr. Naranbayar Purevsuren, Former Principle of Shine Mongol High School