What we do

Project Management Service

JICE provides comprehensive support for the operation and management of international cooperation projects through a combination of training programs, dispatch of experts, conventions, surveys and research, and other activities.

JICE manages and supports the effective and efficient operation of the projects by connecting implementing agencies and related organizations in Japan with the overseas project sites. Our project services are aimed to contribute to the formulation of projects that meet the needs of the client governments and organizations as well as to improve project operation systems and methods. This involves various tasks such as collecting information related to the project, conducting various surveys, preparing databases, managing related committees, providing training in Japan, dispatching experts, and research teams overseas, and compiling reports.

Ongoing Projects

JICA Project

  • Promotion and support services on sports and development

Consortium Project

  • Support Facility for the Implementation of the EU-Japan Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA)

"Subsidy to Promote Oil Refinery Technologies for the Oil Producing Countries"provided by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of METI.

  • Education and Human Resources Development Project in the UAE
  • Saudi Japan Automobile High Institute (SJAHI) Project

Major Achievements

  • JICA Technical Cooperation Project Grand Egyptian Museum Joint Conservation Project
  • JICA ・ Support and consultancy service for the formulation and Implementation of ”Firefighting and Rescue Improvement Project in Vietnam"
  • Angkor Monuments Preservation Project (UNESCO)
  • Rural development project in Cambodia (UNDP)
  • A study for human resource development in China implemented by JBIC
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries ・ East Asia Plant Variety Protection Forum

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